An Alternate Introduction to a Classic Film

My goal for assembling a new introductory title sequence to one of my favorite films was to focus varying attention on the film’s narratives of social structure and the modern urban environment. A tracking shot introduces the sequence looking forward into oncoming traffic. Toying with pacing and focal adjustments, the viewer begins to experience frequent camera jitter and fast scene changes. Suddenly the focus gravitates to stoically monumental scenes of power and infrastructure, juxtaposed quietly alongside very real scenes of urban decay and the honest human fight for survival. To the sounds of Radiohead’s ‘Everything in its Right Place,’ I slowly begin to elevate the viewer. No longer entrenched in the democracy of a city’s downtown floor, camera shots begin to join the sky, lights and glamour, literally looking down on everyone and everything lying below. As the camera slowly closes in on the sky the film begins almost at once. The opening scene takes place atop a skyscraper that not long before was the very subject of the camera’s gaze.